Data quality is our obsession

Our Story

As the potential sources and volume of data continues to grow exponentially, maintaining quality is a significant challenge. Organisations want to be able to use their data to make sound commercial decisions, however this is only possible if the underlying data is trustworthy. A perfect example is the domain of IT Service Asset and Configuration Management, where data is only useful if it covers the full breadth of the IT estate, and has sufficient depth in IT asset information. Only then can you make financial and operational decisions with confidence.

AirTrack Software Pty Ltd was created in 2013 to deal with precisely this challenge. We needed a way to be sure our customers’ IT Asset Management solutions had accurate and comprehensive inventory, and couldn’t find a cost effective solution for this in the marketplace. We decided to build our own and hence AirTrack was born. Since it’s inception, AirTrack has broadened its capability to cover virtually unlimited object types; for example people, locations, smart meters… you name it. It also now supports additional use cases such as billing validation for managed services. These are significant steps in the product’s journey, and we will continue to invest it’s development to broaden AirTrack’s reach beyond the Service Asset and Configuration domain, and even beyond the realms of IT.