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Get accurate measurements of data quality with AirTrack

What is AirTrack?

The AirTrack Platform is a cloud based system for collation and synthesis of object information. It includes:

Configurable connections to any data source, including out-of-the-box connectors to common sources such as Active Directory
Database to securely store asset information
Admin Console per customer to manage configuration and master data
Reporting engine including graphical dashboards and full export capabilities

What is AirTrack?

Operational compliance dashboard
To display how accurate your data really is
Data compliance platform
Report on the breadth, depth, quality & accuracy of data sources
Automate the measurement of data source accuracy
Identify opportunities to improve operational efficiencies
Are all assets in our IT Asset and Service Management systems being captured?
Is there 100% coverage of corporate Anti-Virus on our desktop fleet?
Are all of the required attributes captured in our inventory sources? (Environment, Config item owner, etc.)
Does the inventory source capture 100% of its target platform?
Are all users captured in our HR system?
Are policies for object deletion / retirement working?