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Search and filter out variability in disparate data with AirTrack

Customer Benefits

Save $$$ and reduce the risk of non-compliance
Measureable benefits & ROI when deploying AirTrack
Improve customer experience & confidence in data quality
Particularly for critical systems including ITAM, ITSM, HR, Finance etc
Ability to generate a reconciled active object list from existing data
Single pane of glass of all objects in your environment
Identify active objects that aren’t being managed effectively
e.g. assets that exist but not present in asset sources where they should
Improve operational efficiencies of existing management toolsets
Fully leverage SCCM, CMDB, Active Directory and many other sources
Reduce disputes about managed device charges
Be confident you’re being billed accurately for IT services

Service Provider Benefits

Enables Managed Service Providers to ensure compliance and accurate billing
Minimise disputed service changes, and reduce the time and effort to resolve them
Identify instances of under charging or revenue leakage
Tracks customer assets
Meet customer expectations of functional asset managemen
Know where assets are and who’s using them
Detect asset movements and leakage (loss, theft)
Capture multiple customer data sets containing asset information from disparate sources